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Sad Tidings and Old Memories Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Received an email from a Curtis '58 classmate who I made contact with through this site, informing me he was coming to visit in a few month (good news)and of the passing of two StatNislanders of the same era (sad news).

Raymond Baumann grew up next to the PS29 schoolyard and I was in every class he had from kindergarten thru 8th grade. We played softball and stickball and basketball together from the time we could do those things. I would say hello to his mother from the school garden, which they had in those days. Then he went to Curtis and after graduation I didn't see him any more, just like almost everybody else. I'm told he operated a bed and breakfast in Vermont. I'm glad he did because that sounds like a nice thing to have done.

I don't know what Ray's life was like, or what he looked like when he achieved adulthood. I only remember that he was a tall kid in all my classes. So I'm saddened that a person who exists in my mind as one of the kids I grew up with has now passed away, I guess of natural causes.

The other person who exists in my memory always as a strapping athlete, a youth in the prime of life, a good looking young guy who turned all the girls' heads when he came down to Great Kills Beach adorned in his bathing suit, displaying broad shoulders, muscled arms, and a winning smile, was Larry Bearnarth. Larry pitched for St. Peter's and, I'm told, the original N.Y. Mets. I never saw him after the times he came to the beach with friends, visiting friends on this blanket or that, en route to his pro ball career, but I do remember that he was a presence, a talented guy on the verge of a career we were certain to envy. In St. Petersburg, of a heart attack, I'm told.

It is sad to be told of the passing of friends who exist as youths in the prime of life, in your memory, even though you know very well that two-score years have passed since you saw them last whether you were more-or-less close or not close at all.

They were part of your consciousness, and thus part of your life. A piece of you has died along with them.


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