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Huguenot John Ritter JR I moved to Huguenot in 1954 and attended the first half of the 4th grade in PS 29 near Clove Lakes and then went to PS 5. My first day in town I meet two guys who would become the best of my older (by 2 yrs.) chums. On that first day we rode to the beach by the Orange House, Arbutis lake, the foot of Huguenot Ave. and on to Wolfe's Pond. I was over 45 years ago and I remember it as if it was yesterday. On that day they told me a story that is Huguenot 20th century folklore and I have heard it from many sources, including folks in the Coast Guard and Ferry Boat Captains. Apparently, during WWI or WWII a German submarine was able to sneak by the patrols at Sandy Hook and enter lower New York Harbor and Raritan Bay. As the story goes the sub broached the surface near Huguenot and launched a rubber life boat. The crew came ashore, went to town, bought or stole grocereys and returned to the ship undetected. I feel that there are potential holes in the story due to water depth, navigation aids, beach patrols, etc. but have heard the story so many times and was wondering if others have heard similar stories?

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