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"The Tech Rep" By James Michener Continued

"As you have probably guessed, Harvey Holt
loved his hi-fi systems. He appreciated music
for itself, but since he was also an
electronics Expert, he enjoyed the beautiful
technicality of high fidelity. He also built
so many sets for others that sometimes an
incoming shipment of mail, which had lain for
weeks at some major distributing point, would
contain a half a dozen components that he had
ordered for friends in whatever country he
was serving.

His own set, which I had often listened to in
Afghanistan, was a master piece costing over
three thousand dollars. He had a Marantz
console from America, four omni-speakers from
London, a specially constructed Mirachord
turntable from Germany, a Roberts tape
recorder with extra features added in Japan,
and all sorts of sophisticated gear from
Sweden and France. He had something like
twenty-seven dials he could play with, so
that his set could operate at a Whisper or
with the force of a hurricane. He preferred
his friends not touch his set-but he was
happy to demonstrate it for hours, if any one
was interested.

Holt was not a man whom many people liked.
Respected, yes. Liked, no. But he did one
thing which endeared him to all the music
fans in the area. He would assemble from many
sources the finest records available.
Classical, rock-and-roll, country, soul-you
name it. He preferred to use records that had
been played only once or twice, and since a
lot of men overseas imported excellent disks
from Sam Goody or that outfit in Copenhagen,
it was fairly easy to put together a
representative sampling of an

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