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Dog Trivia Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Before we had kids, we had dogs.

Basenjies, in fact, the so-called African barkless dogs with the curly tail. Smarter than me, except in readin.'

We learned how to raise boys from not knowing how to raise dogs.

The first one had the run of the house and slept in the bed. He owned us. Our mistake.

The next one, we over controlled him and he p*ssed on the rug to let us know he didn't like sleeping in the garage. Another mistake.

Finally we had boys and we found the middle ground.

That worked out much better.

Now that the boys're grown and out of the house, I'm thinkin' of another dog to go jogging with. I see loads along the Bay, including one fisherman with five dogs. One is an old one with three legs who struggles to keep up with the others. I like to see dogs struggling. Reminds me of the way people should be.


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