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Dog Trivia Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu Hi DJ, glad ya remember I'm a doggie lover.

Yep, got three of them dar critters. One a rescue beagle. love the dog except for it's bark. it drives me nuts. but she is lovable and likes to sit in my lap.

the next dog is the red irish setter. stubern, cockie, and thinks she's not only lap dog, but boss.

then there is my best, (my wife things otherwise) the red and white irish setter. he not only is smarter than the red setter, but he also thinks he is a lap dog.

all three have fantistic sense of smell. they can smell food a mile away in plastic wrap. both the red and the red and white setters have taught themselves to open the ice box (oops, refrigerator). the red setter has learned to open a closed door that has a round door knob on it.

oh well,

enuf for now

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