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Dog Trivia Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Yes, you're absolutely right DJ, Depending on breed (and whose book you read) a dog's sense of smell is from 10 million times to 100 million times more sensitive than a humans. One way I used to explain it to classes was that a dog can pick out the individual ingredients in spaghetti sauce. A dog will forget what you look like in 15 minutes, even your beloved pet. But they will never forget your scent. Just as our world is a world of sight, with a minor in hearing and an almost non-existent minor in smell. Their world is one of scent plus a major in hearing with a minor in sight. However their minor in sight gives them one advantage over human sight. Night vision. Yes again, they do see in limited color, but that limited color vision leaves the non-color eye sensors more able to react to low light levels.

I'm also happy to say, the old saw that said they do not think, merely react on instinct is going by the wayside of fresh research also. Granted their thinking is nowhere near a human level. But if anyone has truly lived with these creatures you will learn in their own little way, they have a sense of humor, little hopes and little dreams. They are not human beings, but they are very definitely complete canine beings.

Yeah, I love these animals. I could go on and on. But I'd probably bore you to death. So I'll go talk to my dogs.


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