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More Trivial Trivia Diane J DJ Lost How are bonsai grown?
The Answer:

Yes, "carefully" is an acceptable answer. You don't just
plant miniature tree seeds and think small. Nor do you expose
them to radiation--the reduction method you may have seen in
the classic science fiction film, "The Incredible Shrinking

So what's the trick? Did your mother ever warn you not do
certain things, such as smoking, because it might "stunt"
your growth? Well, bonsai are trees whose growth are
carefully and methodically stunted. They are placed in small
pots and trimmed every day. And that's the least of it. The
cultivator actually places restricting rings around the
branches or, in the case of pine, binds them with iron wire.
The result is a tree that's no more than 20 inches high.
They're aesthetically pleasing--and functional for shade if
you're a leprechaun

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