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??@ Crabs Charlie Joseph CharlieJ When a little kid, I caught impetigo in the waters of Great Kills Beach. What a mess. Festering sores all over my legs and covered with this purple medicine. That was when they first built the beach, but the bulldozers were still pushing garbage around behind it. Something like the late 40's or early 50's. I remember the tide had been real shallow and many small pools had formed right near the shore. Apparently the sun then warmed these pools till they were choice breeding grounds for all kinds of stuff.

Crabs! Here in Maryland, I learned to love them with Old Bay. But Damn! So much work for so little meat. Had a factory rep from the midwest here for a visit several years ago. Took him to a local restaurant when soft shells were in season. Had him order a soft shell crab sandwich. He almost croaked when the waitress brought this bun with legs sticking out all over. Looked like a big bug on a bun. Still ROTFL when I think about his expression!


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