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One last time: Shine...shine... (The article) ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ rs...

What a nice post! What a great question! Ironically it's something that I've recently been thinking about too as my internet friends and I have begun to share some trinkets with one another. Even though we've all been good friends for years now, this exchanging of "things" sort of takes the relationship to a new level. It's kind of neat to know that the things I have right here on my desk in good old Staten Island are from my Friends in Australia, Texas, Florida, etc etc etc. I cherish all of them. (Both the Friends and the things...the latter being a new experience for me!)

Truthfully, I was never much of a physical hanger~on~er in my childhood. Basically speaking it was ~memories~ that I never parted with (I remember EVERYTHING *S*) but luckily my Mother was the other type! I think I mistakingly believed that if one held on to physical things they were being materialistic....and since I was always ~Spiritual~....saving "things" just wasn't something that I consciously aspired to do. I was wrong and I have now learned that life lesson. "Things" are not bad. It's an inappropriate love of them that's not good and that can happen with any "object".

Thanks to my Mom I still have my Barbie dolls (the FIRST and original ones BTW)...I still have my Belle Brummel jacket from PRHS. I believe I still have my Cheerleading outfit from Holy Family....I even have my PRHS Booster jacket! Oh My how I have come to love those things and oh boy how I wish I had learned my lesson sooner. I could have saved so much more stuff.

I wish I had saved some of the sketches and poems I did when I was younger. I do happen to have one 5 year diary from when I was a teenager and whew wee what an eye opener that is! Talk about your walk down memory lane! *LOL* I guess that was a combination of keeping memories and "physical" things. *S*

I still have the jewelry that I got as gifts when I graduated from High School. (I never get rid of jewelry! *LOL*) One very special and sacred piece of jewelry is one that was given to me by a teacher I worked for. It was the PRAYING HANDS charm on a chain. When she gave it to me she said: I wanted to buy you jewelry, and I knew you were ~Spiritual~! I loved that teacher and I have ALWAYS cherished her gift...and her words as I didn't know how she knew! To the best of my recollection we had never spoken of ~Spiritual~ matters! hands down most FAVORIT~IST of keepsakes are the outfits I saved from when my children were babies. I have both children's Christening and ~Coming Home The Hosipital~ outfits.....

...and of course I have their first shoes! *S* (They're so itty bitty!)

I wish we still had my Daddy's drafting set! I could really use it now! *LOL*

~~~Thanks rs for ~Sparking~ all of those wonderful memories~~~



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