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Happy Birthday DJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
Awwwww Good Morning Right Back Atcha and You're mighty welcome my Friend. I also left you a few posts in ~*Heart and Soul*~! *LOL* I didn't Pyscho Analyze you though. I'll do that a different day! *LOL* I left you info on your Solar Return Chart! Whew Wee do you have a BIG YEAR ahead of you kiddo! That's really NEAT!

Re the image: YEP! That's the addy for it! I don't know why it didn't come out? It was here when I first posted it. I swear it! *LOL*

Ohhhh well! What else can I say? Your husband woke up singing! It doesn't get better than that! *ROTFLOL*

I have to Tutor later but we can have a Virtual Party for you in ~*H&S*~ ...or HERE *S*...if you're free sometime today! *S* They all did that for me in AC one year and it was ab~SOUL~utely WILD!!!! *S*

Don't work too hard! I think it's a sin or something to do that on your Birthday! *ROTFLOL*

Catch ya later!!!

~Waving Wildly~


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