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Huguenot Marguerite Rivas sipoet On 01/09/2000 11:55:00 AM, bobsheridan wrote:
>Thanks for the responses.
>The other thought that occurs
>while talking about an old SI
>topic is the lack of
>noticeable interest in this
>site on the part of very many
>current SI residents or, the
>local paper, or any of the
>teachers on the Island. Seems
>to me that a bunch of expat
>SI'ers who like to talk about
>the Island once in awhile and
>raise heritage questions like
>the above ought to attract
>some input from some of these
>worthies. If it does, I've
>failed to detect it. For the
>(few) current Islanders who
>contribute, many thanks and
>keep 'em coming.

Hi RS,
I tried to get the Advance interested in this website a few months back. They used to do a North Shore/South Shore series but then they changed the columns to just "Neighborhoods." I e-mailed a reporter and told him that I thought a story about this wonderful virtual neighborhood would be good -- for Staten Island and for us. I didn't get much of a response. I don't know if its because SILIVE has its own forums or not. Who knows? As for teachers recommending the site, I have encouraged my students to visit, but I don't know if they have. I haven't come across any that I know of, unless they are lurking.
Maybe somebody else can generate interest among the members of the press for our little piece of cyber-StatNisland.

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