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Huguenot John Ritter JR After WWII Huguenot became a quiet neighborhood running the width of the island or 4 x 2 miles. In actuality the town is a mini tri-city composed of Annadale, Princes Bay and Huguenot. This is especially true when looking at church parishes, school districts, doctors, dentists and the primary medical services of Richmond Memorial. The primary reason for the existence is easy communication or transportation to other parts of the island and to the city. Locally there was a small business district of five or six shops, which were much of a shock having come from the famous 'faw cowners' district. Socially the community was centered on the schools and churches in the area. If I remember correctly the Dutch Reformed Church also had a parish in Princes Bay but was served by the same pastor as the one in Huguenot. The building boom on the North Shore happened right after the war and didn't catch on until late in the 60's. The mayors office planned a community in the Rosseville-Tottenville area that was envisioned to serve two million people in apartment like projects and also include another additional 1-2 million south of Great Kills. Because of loading of the transportation systems, roads, schools, etc, this didn't happen. But it someday your interested in returning to the island, living in a detached Archie Bunker stile house and have 500K to spend then Century 21 has a house for you in Huguenot.


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