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Huguenot Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Thanks for the responses.

Pretty slim pickin's, when you come to think of it. SI has come pretty far from its roots, in the fullness of time, as they say. Of course roots wasn't something that you ran toward when I lived on the Island, it was something you were trying to get away from, because life was hard where the roots came from. So you turned your back and looked forward to the future. That's how you lose track of your roots, trying to make things better for you and your kids, referring of course to grandparents and parents.

It's probably better this way. Can you imagine people going around claiming credit for being descendants of the Dutch, of all people? Out DARing the DAR? That could get old in a hurry. The traces are in the old Dutch names, as CJ points out. If there were any Dutch descendants I expect they'd stage a fiesta (the Dutch had fiestas, right?) with costumes, dances, and Dutch food, whatever that might consist of.

The other thought that occurs while talking about an old SI topic is the lack of noticeable interest in this site on the part of very many current SI residents or, the local paper, or any of the teachers on the Island. Seems to me that a bunch of expat SI'ers who like to talk about the Island once in awhile and raise heritage questions like the above ought to attract some input from some of these worthies. If it does, I've failed to detect it. For the (few) current Islanders who contribute, many thanks and keep 'em coming.


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