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As Time Goes By... Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Which brings up a world-shaking philosophical pernt.

Why is it that if you express interest in a beautiful woman she ignores you, but if you ignore her, she latches onto you like a Great White and you need a restraining order to keep her off?

Which accounts for the rule: Never tell a beautiful woman she's beautiful. Tell her she's intelligent, even if she ain't.

As to other women with other qualities...

Well, you get the idea.

Richard Feynman, the Nobel laureate in physics, talks about this. He found that if he went into a bar and tried to pick up a woman by buying her a drink, she'd never leave the bar with him. But if he refused to buy her a drink unless she agreed to go home with him, he always made out.

Which raises the next most interesting question.

Do you think Feynman came from StatNisland and frequented the Blue Hour?


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