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The answer to happiness Diane J DJ Lost *HAPPINESS*

Where is it? Where does it come from? How is it found?

The search for happiness has occurred throughout the ages. Many detours, distractions and illusions have led many a person far and away from the reality of happiness. In actuality, every living person has good reason to be happy because happiness is right at their doorstep. Every person has some type of natural born talent and every person has their own personal "treasures" such as, a wonderful family, honest work that provides peaceful security, true friendship, good health in both mind and body, a sense of humor....the list is endless.

Then there are the additional "treasures" such as watching the early morning sunrise, listening to the laughter of children, lending a helping hand to someone.... Yes, happiness is everywhere. So whether you're feeling happy or not so happy, take a good look at yourself and take a good look around you, and you are sure to find, right at your doorstep, many reasons to celebrate the "treasures" of *HAPPINESS*.

Uplift and enjoy!!!

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