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As Time Goes By... Joe Locascio jolo Sounds like you be missin that daily trip r.s. ! I also did my pennance woikin in da city! Takin das boot was the best part of the day. The only thing about the trip that I'll never miss (and this ALWAYS seemed to happen on the coldest nights in the Winter) was upon trudging up the ramp to the bus terminal. You'd finally get to the flat part and that good old 112 would start pulling away! And you'd see it happen and there would come over you that helpless angry feeling and you just knew that ol bus driver saw you huffin & puffin up that ramp! But there was a schedule he had to heed! But you knew there would be another bus in about an hour! So what it was 20 degrees with a wind chill factor making it feel it was 20 below! But you couldn't beat that commute during the spring, summer or fall.

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