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Income Tax Time is near Margie Stephens Margie Since we didn't have income taxes until early this century, er, correction, this is going to sound really strange, early LAST century (you know, the
one we all know and love and grew up in, in the last millennium)---from a posting above.

Bob, you got it right the first time. We are ***still*** in the same century not to mention the *+*+same millennium*+*+ as we were in December.

A century has 100 years, so it goes from 1 to 100. The next century begins xx1.

Remember how difficult it was to figure out why the books said sixteenth century painters, and they were writing about guys from the 1500s?? Well, the first century was from 1 to 100, the second from 101 to 200, etc.

I figure about the middle of the year People Who Sell Stuff For Parties will make this Important Announcement like, "Hey, guys, we goofed. The year *2001* is the beginning of the new millennium. So, Let's Party" (i.e. buy all the party stuff they are pushing). *Now's* the time for the Millennium Party, take that wonderful cruise/vacation/fill in the blank now. No computer bugs to worry about. Just fill in your credit card number, and we'll take your money.

Can't you just see it? Why settle for one party when we can have two??


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