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As Time Goes By... Robert Sheridan bobsheridan The passing of a StatNisland Ferryboat icon, the Shoeshine Man ("Shine! Shine!") brings to mind a thought that occasionally comes to this expatriate StatNislander, away since 1966.

For each day of each of those years the ferryboats have been crossing Noo Yawk Harbor, passing da Statchoo a' Libbity, each hour, and more.

As a former daily commuter from StatNisland to Manattan and back I used to buck the rush hour and ride those ferries.

Bus, ferry, subway; subway, ferry, and bus.

Gotta make the 7:10 or else.

They've been doing it without me all those years.

I've been doing without it all those years, too, the better for me.

Every day the subways run, the buses, the cops, the schools, and the teachers.

And we don't have to be there.

Sic transit New York,

With or without us.


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