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Frugal Gourmet Diane J DJ Lost Here is a story about the Frugal Gourmet's recent visit to Europe.
He had a delightful time sampling the cuisine in Italy, France,
and Germany, but when he got to London, he found English food bland
and over cooked.

However, one day he had a great meal of fish & chips at a London
pub. He asked the manager of the pub if he could have the recipe.
The manager confessed that he bought his fish and chips from a
nearby monastery, and thus the Frugal gourmet would have to get the
recipe from one of the brothers.

The Frugal Gourmet quickly ran down the street to the monastery and
knocked on the door. When one of the brothers came to the door, the
Frugal Gourmet asked him, "Are you the Fish Friar?"

The brother replied, "No... I'm the Chip Monk."

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