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I'm new to the site and went back to read the archives. I was so proud of myself 'cause I knew the answer to Nostrivia #2's 'Name the three ponds in Clove Lakes Park'. Then I read Dan Blaine's answer where he named only Clove Lake and Martling. Well I pulled out my grandfathers old trusty Hagstrom's pocket atlas of NYC's Five Boroughs (copyright Nov. 1962) and found I was right. There's Clove Lake (they count it as one lake even though it's split), Martling's Pond and across Martling Ave, there's Brook's Lake. Brook's lake is where my Dad used to take me for walk's in the late 50's and early 60's and tell me stories about how his grandfather used to take him there at around the same age. There's so real sentimental stuff attached to that section of the park and I couldn't let it be left out.

It's been a real walk down memory land reading everyone's memories of the Island. As I went through the Staten Island maps in Hagstroms it's amazing to see the amount of white and green spaces on the maps -- it even shows the airport smack dab in the middle of the island!

thanks for the memories,

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