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Any other Capricorns in the ~House~???? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Well, if you've seen this string you've probably already seen that BenO is a Capricorn. other half here (the bored half *LOL*) also a Capricorn (you'll have to wait for notification of the EXACT day! *S*)

Lou...who happens to be MR.DJ *ducking* ALSO a Capricorn and he ALSO happens to be celebrating his Birthday today.

Too bad Lou and BenO don't live closer! You guys coulda celebrated together......since you're sort of Birthday Twins! *LOL*

Happy Birthday to BenO, Lou, aLmOST DJ (notice how I got the "lost" part of DJ's handle in there! *hehehe*) and any and all Cappi's out there!!!!

CHEERS to you ALL!!!!


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