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It just so happened that upstairs in the castle, the Queen was feeling tired out from going thru all her closets and wardrobes and getting rid of all the items she no longer could wear. Her figure has shifted a bit since the birth of the un-named triplets. (Gina come on name those guys)
She glanced at the floor at the shoes. Those fringed boots, ah what memories of nights gone by. What those boots had witnessed. Good thing they could not talk. She thought about all the dances she had worn them too. I wonder if they will still fit me? She decided to sit down next to the window and try them on. They slid on so easily. She dreamily glanced out at the night sky. A lot of commotion below caught her eye. A big van stood outside in the drive and all her Mischievous friends were hastily getting inside. She heard OldTymer yell "To Al Deppes", and it took off with a screeching sound, a red haired driver at the wheel, her hair flapping in the breeze. None other than that wild milk-maid little Leeza Brown. Fun someplace, Thought the Queen, and I do not intend to be left out
!! Forgetting the fringy boots, Regina ran down the stairs out the back door and got into the first car available and said to the driver, "To Al Deppes" and hit the pedal to the metal fast.

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