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1918-Flu Staten Island John Ritter JR I have heard that one of the long distance swimmers used to swim out to Hoffman for exercise. It has been said that Hoffman has been used for many things, one rumor was that it was used for A POW camp near the end of the war. It was also used as a school for Merchant Marine Radio Operators and the have a small web site located at the following URL.

Where the coast of SI is fairly straight from Ft Wadsworth to
Great Kills Hoffman and Swinburne made good radar points for cutting fixes while entering and leaving the harbor while I was aboard a WWII Destroyer based at the Navy Yard in early '60s. The next time I came into New York was during the bicentennial and got to do the navigating for a fairly large cruiser that anchored within sight of St. George on 4 July '76.

Anyone have information on Swinburne Island or Shooters Island up in the Arthur Kill Van - Kill Van Kull area.


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