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Yappy New Year (((ALL))) Gina * Gina We (((ALL))) made it to the new Millennium N THAT'S something to YAP about :))

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Can "U" believe it, the year 2000 is here. We had a wonderful ushering in of the New Year. I found it a very positive feeling that AROUND THE WORLD there was lots of togetherness & peace - even Mother Nature cooperated keeping the weather GREAT.

Here in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area there were lots of top entertainment concerts & parties. Fireworks were everywhere. We were all over at a club by the beach and I swear every yacht/boat in South Florida hit the air horns at the stroke of midnight, people were singing, hugging - some were crying with joy and the thought of being surrounded with such love & fun. It was the GREATEST.

C "U" later - I'm the designated cook today so you know what I'm doing, getting ready for a house full & recooperating for LOTS OF NEW YEARS EVE PARTYING ROFLMAO,LOL

Soooooooooooooo Cheers to ((((ALL))))
Have a Yappy New Years Day & post it here.



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