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The New Millennium - Gina Celebrates Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Talk about overhype, it was enough to give you an old fashioned case of nerves.

San Francisco had a big civic party down at the Embarcadero where it meets Market at the old Ferry Building. They stopped the ferries when they built a bridge to Oakland, but now are trying to start 'em up again.

SF has been undergoing a building renaissance, with old areas South of Market torn down for a huge convention center, completed in stages over the past fifteen years. We have a new SF Giants baseball stadium abuilding in the area newly called media gulch, downtown. It's the hottest piece of commercial realty going these days. All the young people who make a living playing with their mice sit at screens there and drive up the price of housing.

SF has renovated the Embarcadero, putting in rows of Canary Island palm trees, light rail vehicles, repaving, rewiring, and setting up stanchions for light shows. They cast beams against the clouds and were working last nite. Huge fireworks show, big crowd, and few arrests, those coming mostly after midnite. I took a walk up to Coit tower and caught the tail end of the fireworks, with the crowd cheering the good ones. A pretty well behaved bunch, I thought. The usual exceptions. Heavily policed with lots of jail space as backup, on the piers. Not needed in the event.

The sun came up this morning, and I'm going for a walk-jog-run along the Bay, which seems like a nice way to start something as important as the next thousand years.

But we do that every day, don't we?


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