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The Storm Story Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Well, we've had about a week of storms over here in Southwest Germany. The worst thing that happened to us was our garbage can being blown away, never to be found again. The woods have been fairly devastated by the winds and the snowload on the tree branches. Our state forest across the street has so many roads blocked by fallen trees that it is impossible to go through it. The little cog railway in the center of Stuttgart has been shut down: a building crane and a house collapsed across its' tracks. Some of the main county roads are still blocked with fallen trees...too many fast growing pine trees planted in a monoculture forest for a quick profit turnaround! I've been able to get into work OK...I leave early in the morning before the German drivers get on the road and cause accidents. One would think that after all these years they would have learned how to handle driving in ice and snow!

Happy New Year to ALL! DAN

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