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Shoals Dock Gina * Gina BTW this isn't spelling/grammar 101 so please take this lightly, I believe it is spelled Shoals.


Sure do remember Shoals Dock & Restaurant. For many years one of my uncle docked his boat there and later my Dad did too.

Family dinner at Shoals was always the destination to celebrate a special occasion. Gus Dinger was in my classes at St. Patricks in Richmond Town - his parents owned Shoals and Dinger Farms (among other things) by Rockland (or was it Forest Hill) & Richmond Avenues.

WOW!!! Did Mr. & Mrs. Dinger throw some pretty fancy birthday parties at Shoals for their children . I attended a couple and they were the greatest.

Gus had 2 older sisters who went to St. Louis Academy out on Drumgoole Blvd. Does anyone know them?


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