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Digital Paronia Harry White hrwhite What follows is an email I wrote and sent to people in my address book. I thought I would post it here to share with my SI-Web friends. I'm not a computer professional, this is a common sense/experience thing. Harry

Dear Family & Friends,
Please do not send us any .exe or any other executable type files during this holiday period. I will delete them upon receipt no matter who they are from. We will accept .jpg (picture) files.
Rational - Last year during the holiday season my computer was infected by a virus/worm. This virus was sent from a friends computer. It arrived as a .exe attachment which I opened after running my virus program. It was a cute innocent seasonal graphical thing. I deleted the file without forwarding it because it was not that cute. Sometime later I received several emails, some automatically generated by virus checking software some generated by the recipients of the email stating that I had sent them something containing a virus. I was shocked because my virus check software is set to check all attachments upon receipt and because I knew that I had not sent the file to anyone. A friend explained that the virus/worm that had infected me would activate my email program and send messages to people in my address book without my knowledge. I was an innocent victim and I ended up infecting people who trusted me. I am virus aware and I do update my virus checking software weekly but in this case the virus was new and I received the virus between my update process.
My action may border on paranoia but there are a lot of people out there generating viruses and during the holiday season the passing of cute little things is quite common. I am unwilling to take a chance. If I were you I would take similar precautions.

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