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Just got a call from Rudolph The Red Nosed Mrs. Claus Mrs. Santa Claus Well Santa has been gone now for about 5 hours now. It's been pretty quite around here since he left to go deliver all those goodies in he sleigh. I've been restin up a bit before I head for the kitchen and start doing all the fixins and making Christmas dinner for the brood when they return to the North Pole late this evening.

I just had the most amazing phone call. It was Rudolph The Red Nosed saying he was using another of his new fandangled thingys he called a cell phone. I tell ya that reinboydeer doesn't miss a thing in that techno world of his. According to him the weather was great for sleigh flying and they're right on schedule bringing lots goodies to sleeping girls and boys.

Right about now Santa should be zeroing in on Suva, the capital of the Figi Islands then he'll zip up to Wellington, New Zealand for his next delivery.

If you happen to be hiding behind the draperies or peeking out from the bed when my dear heart plops down your chimney would you please post and let me know how the old rosie cheeked, jolly man is doing.

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