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Merry Christmas & A True Story Mrs. Claus Mrs. Santa Claus Not to worry Mr. HRWITE and family - last Christmas all the Village Elf's got together and built Santa one of those Map-It hand held computer contraptions. It's taken the poor dear most of the year to become a mini-puter nerd and learn how to use it.

Santa is a great Map-It person now, or so we let him think. Just for back up purposes Lead Elf took Rudolf and the other reindeer aside and gave them the accelerated course in enter & go. Rudolf the Red Nosed scanned the directions that came with the techno gadget and e-mailed it to his palm-pilot thingy. Just in case Santa drifts off, Rudolf The Red Nosed is well prepared to keep him right on track.

Santa has to be back here for Christmas evening dinner with me and all the Village Elf's. After Christmas dinner Santa gives his annual thank you speech and presents the Village Elf's with their Christmas bonus paks for working so hard all year. Frankly speaking, knowing how he loves Christmas lasagna, prime rib roast with all the trimmings, all those fruit cakes, plum pudding and English trifle I doubt he'll fall much off or behind schedule - the man just loves to eat so as to keep his belly full and jolly even though he an the reindeer did a two day fat free, low calorie diet to lighten their load for this evenings flight.

Well I hear sleigh bells ringing and the anxious hoof of his reindeer doing their test em trot, that means Santa has collected all those wonderful gifts the Elf's made all year, packed them neatly in his sleigh and is about ready to take off. I'd better leave hear and go wave an throw kisses as they all take off for his around the world Christmas giving trip.

There he goesssssssssssss with a HO HO HO...

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