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Merry Christmas & A True Story Harry White hrwhite When my children were of the age when Santa was real I told them that I put lights up on the house paying special attention to the chimney so that Santa could find the house. I explained that the lights were like landing lights for planes. The children delighted in the story and were very excited when the lights came on. As the children aged the oldest one would get me aside and tell me that Santa was not for real. I asked the newly knowledgeable child to keep the secret so that the younger ones (I had 4 children) would still have the joy of believing in Santa. One year with just one believer left I was having trouble with the lights, they just would not light and it was getting dark. The youngest began to cry and said, "Santa is not going to find me." As I tried to calm her down the older 3 children came out into the yard with flash lights and told the youngest that they would signal Santa in with the flash lights. The baby calmed down. I managed to get the lights fixed and Santa did find our house.
I am having a difficult time completing this post as my eyes seem to have filled with tears.
God bless you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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