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US Navy in Action John Ritter JR As an oldnacl I would defend usually CharlieJ's ship by saying that they would not be in the vicinity of a lighthouse close enough to see it without knowing where the were and where the lighthouse was.

But the truth to the matter is that in the early 80's the Enterprize ran aground about 1,000 yards from their pier at the Alameda Naval Air Station near Oakland, California. A few years later the Enterprize hit a prominate landmark called Bishop's Rock about 100 Miles west of San Diego and ruptured numerous aviation fuel tanks on one side of the ship close to the water line.

Another posting asked about the name Enterprize as an Navy ship with the implication that the story above was made up.
Yes the story is most likely made up but the ship name is not. The current USS Enterpirze (CVN-65) was built in Newport News in the late 50's - 60's and is currently assigned to Norfolk VA. Prior to that ship the Navy had another Carrier CV-6 with the same name. To date the name has been used five or six times with one of the Constitution Class also known as Old Ironsides having the name Enterprize.

Many Star Trek enthusiasts also know the next ship with the same name!


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