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Happy & Merry Gina * Gina On 12/23/99 12:02:00 AM, iquill wrote in part:
Are you and sipoet
>the only folks on this web
>that are still on the Island??

Thanks for the good wishes :)
SIpoet and several others who post are still on the Island. I moved to sunny South Florida over 20 years ago but still have lots of family and friends on SI that I visit w/ every couple of years. The visit with me often in Fla. too :)

If I were still on SI I would be inviting you to visit and have some good Staten Island memory chat and coffee...oh yeh, I would forget the SI crumb buns and pizza LOL

Well the invite is still extended to if you're ever in So. Fla.

Have a Merry, Happy & safe holiday trip.



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