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Does Rock and Roll Ever Forget? Brian Cullen Ace328bc About 16 years ago I saw the Coasters in an outdoor arena show in Liberty Park, PA. They played a bunch of the oldies-Yakkity Yak, Charlie Brown (He's a Clown) and a bunch of others. They opened the show, and of course most of the people there didn't care much, but to this day it is the only oldies live band I have seen. The other bands that day were the Specials, Oingo Boingo, (Note-their lead singer and guitar player, Danny Elfman, now writes movie music for a lot of the big movies, including Batman, Beetlejuice, Midnight Run, and many more) (back then he was a freak, though) the Go Gos, and the Police. Great show, I still remember it today!
Also, back in 1979, I was front row at Madison Square Garden for a concert featuring Van Halen (first tour) opening for Black Sabbath (last tour at the time). I couldn't hear for 2 days!!

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