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US Navy in Action Charles Schleininger corsair The USS Midway was operating off the coast of South Korea on a day that you could see for miles. Way in the distance you could see three marking balloons marking the spot were 3 fishing boats were anchored. By international maritime law all ships are required to avoid them. The skipper was not about to change course as aircraft launch/recovery was in progress. As we drew close the ships horn was blown. The 3 fisherman stayed put. As we drew closer 2 of them up ankhor.. As we passed the remaining one there was a smack on one of the dow elevators. We had taken the top of the trawler orr. It took the Midway about 6 miles to turn & render assistance. A whale boat was dispatched. No one was hurt. As the wale boat tried to return its inboard quit. The crippled trawler towed the waleboat back.

Next day in the ships paper was a lead story that said that the skipper had been put in for amedal for thawating an terriost attack but recognizing the fact that the Koreans were Arabs in disguise.

The next day in the a for sale sign appeared... one slightly damaged trawler for sale, contact Captain ...

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