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Well laying there on his back and staring at the ceiling, old Hairsuit had an inspiration. He got down and went to the payphone and called his old friend from the Richmond County Jail. He got Oldtimer on the phone fast and said he wanted her to round up some people quickly and get over to Al Deppes as fast as possible.
When she heard his idea for the ceiling she laughed and laughed. He wanted to do a scene of "Staten Island Ferry at Midnight Saturday Night". What a brilliant subject for such a place as Deppes'
Now the first thing she thought of was all the lovers on the boat then the workmen on their way home and the ones who worked on the old boat itself and the passengers oh my. This is a challenge for sure.
Of course she got Oldtimer herself and Margie and then Little Leeza Brown, Dr. Sunderson, DBlivitt and Nacl and not to forget that old Romplestiltskin either. Then she sent for Lady Charlene and Gloria and Tiny Tim and BoloDJolo.That aught to do it. With all these to chose and dress up in all kinds of costumes in Hairsuits imagination this will work fine. Then a call to Digaman and the group was complete.
When Hairsuit saw this gathering his mind began to race. Lets see for scene one _________________???

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