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No Topic Charles Schleininger corsair A few years ago the telephone system was updated at NAS Lemoore. Under the old system you had a black phone with extension push buttons that lit when in use.

Those phones were replaced by white phones that had all the new features (call forward, voice mail, conference, ...). The day came to make the transition. The numbers on the phones did not match the switchboard. Each extension had a different tone, but no visual indication. If you remember the famous pay phone scene from Dr. Strangelove - the Admiral wound up using a pay phone outside his office. In time all was corrected.

Under the new system all on base calls were routed to a computer switchboard on base; all local calls to a Pac Bell computer outside the main gate; all long distance to either an ATT or Sprint computer off base. The day came to brief the Admiral. Representatives from the three companies went through all the different combinations. At the end they asked the Admiral if he had any questions. "Only one, when I pick up the phone will I get a dial tone?"

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