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When I was a junior @ NDHS, Mrs. Sailliard, the Chairman of the Mathematics Department, called me in, dressed me down & informed me that she had put me on morning detention until my math grade came up. So each morning I would arrive early & report to her office for "drilling". I did not get the message so she added afternoon detention, this was followed by Study Hall detention.

When I enlisted in the USAF, I went through the normal aptitude testing. To my surprise I scored high on mathematics. As a result I, & a few other airman were put in a crash 100 hour 1st. yr college mathematics course. From there I was sent to Denver, Co. for 26 weeks of electronics, radar, & analog computer training. 75 of us started, but only 16 of us completed the course. We all reported to Lincoln AFB & were told that the aircraft that we would be working on had advanced systems that we had not been trained on. So Tech Reps were brought in to give us a 6 week crash course. In time additional training was required.

Upon discharge I returned to S.I. & started looking for employment. Jobs were scares & I was repeatedly told to use my G.I. Bill & go back to school. Upon graduation I was hired by Grumman. During my second year I was selected to go to the GE lab in Utica, N.Y. to be trained on "chirp" radar. My career took many turns, 2 years working on fast attack submarine SONAR, missile systems, Operational Flight Programs... Eventually my company selected me to go back & get my masters. As one could can see my lifes work revolved around mathematics, but more importantly, a teacher who saw something in me & was not about to let it be wasted.

I am quite sure many of u out there have a similar story!

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