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Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor; Question? Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Well JR, I admit to being a bit confused. Wake Island or the Philippines seem to fit your description, however they both occurred still in Dec of 1941.
Battle of Coral Sea (May 42), the first all aircraft Naval Battle really doesn't fit the description. Both sides had been kind of building for it for a while and jockeying around till the planes found each other. Militarily is was about a draw, but it stopped the Japanese advances toward Port Morseby and Australia beyond and set the stage for the Battle of Midway in June 42.
That one was supposed to be a secret strike like Pearl Harbor, but we had cracked the Japanese code and knew they were coming. Their aircraft did make an unopposed attack on Midway, but while they were attacking, our carrier aircraft found their aircraft carriers. Despite horrendous losses of men and aircraft we blew 4 of their carriers out of the water, while only losing one of our own. This is a simple explanation of a very valiant battle of our Navy, but despite it's briefness it is what happened.

All the Guadalcanal battles happened in 1942, but they were mostly surface ship warfare for the Navy's part.

Unless you're talking about our attack on them. In April, 1942 Doolittle's raid on Tokyo was launched from USS Hornet. Army Air Corps Mitchell B-25 Bombers were launched and achieved complete surprise. Although little damage to Tokyo occurred the Japanese were made to realize their home islands were not safe. When Pres. Roosevelt was asked where the planes came from, to protect the Hornet, he said, "Shangri-La". Later in the war a new US aircraft carrier was named USS Shangri-La for that reason.

Another event was submarine attack in Oregon. A sub surfaced offshore and out of frustration or whatever, lobbed a few shells at the Oregon coast. The only damage was a minor forest fire. That didn't involve aircraft, although for a while it was thought the sub had launched a small airplane that had dropped bombs. After war study of Japanese records proved it was only the sub's small cannon involved. But I'm not sure what year that happened.

OK, my friend, I give up. What was it???


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