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Blowing my own horn Debra Romano(nee holman) debradolls Blessings Charlie!

I don't know you but I wish i could be there to shake your hand when you receive that degree! I too am half way to my Associates simultaneous w/Paralegal Certificate at 42! This action is in fulfillment to a promise to my precious son Paul, who at 18 was killed last year on Arbutus Ave. due to a motorcycle accident. His death was less than 24 hours after we both enrolled in different colleges. He for computer repair and video production in Manhattan and me, in Stone Ridge NY (not far from Woodstock). I didn't believe I could go through w/it, but here I am at the end of my second semester,last final tomorrow!!!! I took on 15 credits last spring, 10 more during an accelerated summer semester, and 24 this fall (ouch!)!! I miss Paul so very much and sometimes the pain seems unbearable, but school and the quest for knowledge is VERY HEALING, is changing the quality of life for my surviving children and giving them the greatest treasure-the appeal of further education! So sound a horn for me too Charlie and let the world know how very proud you are!

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