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Blowing my own horn Charlie Joseph CharlieJ I know this truly comes under the category of blowing my own horn, but forgive me, I can't resist it.
Many of you graduated from college early in life and are and should be justifiably proud of that. I didn't. Rightly or wrongly, I chose the school of hard knocks. I joined the Navy. Attended and graduated from several technical schools, rose through the enlisted ranks and retired as a Chief. Then I ran an electronic service business for many years. In 1992, I joined an engineering company doing technical contracting work for the government. By mid 1994, I was promoted to project manager for the group, with several engineers and technicians to supervise. But I didn't have the sheepskin to say I could do what I was doing and had been doing for several years at the engineering level.
But, that's not why I'm blowing my own horn.
This is! On January 13th, I will graduate with my first college degree. Just an Associates. An Associate of Applied Sciences in Electronic Technology. And I did it with a 4.0 GPA. Lowest grade in any class was 94%. I get to wear a gold tassel and stole and stuff!
How about that. From a cool rock 'n roller of the 1950's to a true 60 year old nerd.

Thanks for indulging me.

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