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Plane Collision Over SI Anniversary John Ritter JR On 12/17/1999 12:21:16 AM, lorac1 wrote:
>The year of the accident was
>1960. I was a senior at New
>Dorp High School at the time.
>The teachers let the boys
>leave to help in what ever way
>that they could.

I was riding the Staten Island Rapid Transit home from McKee and saw the smoke from the train. We were told not to get off unless we were from New Dorp. although I have meet some Staten Islander's on the SIRT I am wondering if Carol did also. We may have passed one another at the station, on the platform, or while entering or leaving the train?

Another fire of that era:
We watched another huge fire while comuting to School in St. George when the USS Constellation CVA-64 burned in the New York Navy Yard, in B*o*l*y*n in 1960 or 61. The fire was the death blow that finally closed yard which employed over 70,000 during its hay-day in WWII.

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