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Plane Collision Over SI Anniversary Marguerite Rivas sipoet I'm not sure of the year. I found some newspaper clippings about it last year. I'm not sure if I can put my hands on them right now. It had to be in the early 60's, I think. My cousins remember being escorted home from school and being walked through the area with their coats over their heads so they wouldn't see the body parts and the bodies. I had heard about the body parts in the trees, those poor souls. There was something on the radio about it this morning, WNYC. Someone wrote an article about it for Brooklyn Bridge Magazine. Apparently, the one survivor, a little boy, was carrying seven cents in his pocket. Someone has made a memorial to the victims of the crash and the seven pennies are part of the memorial. One of the things remarked upon in the show is how people don't seem to talk much about this incident. You would think it would be a story that would live on in oral history, but Corsair's observation that it was so traumatic for his mother (who was a medical professional) seems indicative of the experiences of others. No wonder people don't talk much about it. My aunt had said that it looked like the plane was headed right for the public school, but that the pilot averted that disaster at the last minute. I believe she said that she could actually see the faces of the people as the plane was crashing. She was quite traumatized by this tragedy.

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