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talk to your rep in congress Charlie Joseph CharlieJ This subject pops up from time to time, either the phone company or the postal service. Previously it was always a hoax. I don't know about this one, but I'd like to research it more.
One thing I learned on the previous researches is that it is the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), an arm of the government that is holding the line and refusing any changes or charges. Don't get me wrong, I have no love for the FCC. As a former two-way radio business man, I'm one of the thousands of small dealers that disappeared in the 80's and 90's when the FCC's policies destroyed small two-way dealers while giving the electromagnetic spectrum to the big guys. But the fact is the decisions will (or will not) come from the FCC and then congress will vote on it. Not the other way around. Yes congress can reverse FCC decisions, but that's after the fact and much harder. The FCC has the power to control the internet in the US, but so far (knock on wood) they're on our side on this. That's who you have to watch. That's where the changes will come from. Congress will generally rubber-stamp what the technocrats in the FCC recommend. It's kinda like the public service commissions. The FCC sets the rules based on the charter (read power) already granted to them.
Anyway the bottom line is, so far, it's always been commercial lobbyists trying to get the rules changed and allow charging for internet time. It is the government, primarily the FCC, an appointive, not elective body that is not allowing it. So far.


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