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Gameboy Diane J DJ Lost Want to get frustrated? LOL, listen to this!!!

I have been searching high and low for those stinking Gameboy Color consoles. My nephews want them for xmas and my sister waited too long to buy them!! Now there are none!

I told her two weeks ago I had found some and was going to get them but "Noooo!" She wanted to get them... so I said "Ok, I will buy them the games to go with them". And I did.

She called last night to say that she couldn't get them cause they were out.. Dog gone it.

I have already bought them some games to go with it and I either need to go and exhange them for something else or find those friggin Gameboy consoles!! LOL

Ebay has them for 130 and up and there is no way in heck!!! LOL

Anybody get lucky and get some? LOL. Congratulations To YOU!!! LOL

-DJ (all red and angry) LOL

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