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History Of New Dorp High School

New Dorp High School
was the answer to the problem of all parents on the South Shore. Borough President Joseph Palma purchased the NDHS property for $25,840.00 in 1934. The school was built with government funding and opened in 1936 with 30 teachers and 850 pupils. The auditorium seated 700 on the first floor with music, cooking, home-making rooms, a chemistry and physics lab and other offices.

The first graduation occurred in February 1938 with 30 students - the principal was William Barlow. Their first yearbook was called The Beacon. In 1939, Frank Cassidy scheduled the first NDHS football game on Election Day.
New Dorp High School played Curtis High School - Curtis won 12-0.

In 1942, Mary Camper McGinnis became the second principal at NDHS. In 1936 at the 10th anniversary, there were 51 teachers and 1,353 students. On Thanksgiving Day in 1948, New Dorp defeated Curtis for the first time at Thompson Stadium. New Dorp won its first unofficial "City Champs" in 1949 at Ebbets Field. In 1954, New Dorp's baseball team became Staten Island Champs playing at Ebbets Field for PSAL. In 1961, construction of the new wing began - it opened in 1963. At the time, Joseph Bellafiore was the third principal. In 1971, SCANS, Student Committee for a New School, acquired Miller Field. Joseph Gerson, a teacher became acting principal from August 1959 to January 1970. In 1971, the GO was changed to Student Association (SA). From February 1072 to June 1972, Sol Feinberg, of the Social Studies Department became acting principal. He was followed in 1972 by Louis Cenci, the forth New Dorp principal. In 1977, SA became Student Union (SU) as it is now. Bob Morris became acting principal and in 1978, Abraham Baumel took over as fifth principal. He guided us into the present building. In 1981, the New Dorp High School Foundation, our alumni association, was formed under the leadership of Bob Campbell `51. The last graduation to be held on the athletic field was in 1982 - that fall the new building opened.

Hari, the statue in front of the new building, created by William Barrett of Manhattan at a cost of over $100,000.00, caused much discussion. The new building has four stained glass windows which cost $24,000.00.

In 1984, New Dorp celebrated its 50th anniversary. In the year 1985, the athletic field was named the Sal Somma Field and the boys gym was dedicated to Ed Ghigliotti in 11984.

in 1989, the NDHS Football Hall of Fame was founded with the efforts of Joe Avena, Sol Somma and a small committee. All former football players can become members. The first 2 inductees were Frank Cassidy and Sal Somma. The committee continues to meet every month and installs new members to the Football Hall of Fame every other year. A candidate must have been a good football player while at NDHS or a "Lifetime Achiever" (a football player who has made a significant contribution to whatever field he has chosen).


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