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Catch-22 Charles Schleininger corsair I am reminded of a story my eye doctor told
me. After completing college he had to serve
his ROTC time. He was assigned to the
hospital at Ft. Bragg. Once a month a doctor
was selected to give the VD lecture. One
month it was his turn. As he was entering the
lecture hall two higher ranking officers
approached. They were spit & polish, from
their helmets to their boots. One started
yelling at him cause he had not saluted &
proceeded to dress him down in public. The
doc memorized the name tag. When he got back
to the hospital he told the head nurse if
Capt. xxxx ever comes in to please notify
him. A few weeks later the Capt. showed up
with the flu. He told the attending doc. to
tell the Capt. it had infected his eyes. The
Capt. was sent to see him, but did not
recognize him. As part of the exam he over
dilated the eyes. When they were as big as a
bullfrogs, so he could not see who it was,
the Doc. lowered the chair back, got face to
face & said: "If you ever dress down any
member of the medical corps. again you will

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