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At 6AM the following morning, Al Deppe shook Charlton Hairsuit awake and led him into the the penny arcade area. He instructed Charlton that he wanted him to paint the ceiling.

He showed Charlton where the paint was and told him he would first have to cover up the penny arcade machines. There were 16 of the machines that used some sort of gun to hit various targets: bears with photocells on their bellies, Nazi fighter planes and bombers, submarines and zeppelins, ships, etc.

When Charlton saw this amazing display of weaponry, he got glassy eyed and weak in the knees. It would be sacrilegious to use a paint roller on the ceiling over these weapons! He begged Al Deppe if he could put a plank between two step ladders and paint the ceiling by hand...he didn't want to risk spilling one drop of paint on these wonderful weapons!

Deppe said he didn't care, just get the job done. He left Charlton laying on his back on the plank painting the ceiling with a small brush....

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