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Multiple Sclerosis Walk Laura K. Nygabnet
EXTRA EXTRA … Read all about it!   Ladies and Gentlemen Start the Year on the Right Foot.. For the third annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk stationed on the enchanting grounds of The Richmondtown Restoration Village.  Not only is this walk essential to bring funds for research to find a cure for this fearful disease but a family day filled with entertainment for one and all…

We are turning to our community where must of us have been for many years prior to our diagnoses of MS.  We ask you to please volunteer for the numerous positions that we have at hand.  You will be doing both yourself and your fellow Staten Island neighbors an amazing deed.   Perhaps your children or your grandchildren might help in giving information to our varied walkers on directions while walking or serving the food catered by the Parsonage.

The Staten Island Multiple Sclerosis Walk will be on Saturday April 9,2000.  Remember there will be live entertainment, magicians with games and rides for all!

Call to volunteer or register to walk at the MS Walk Hotline (212) 463-9791 or VISIT the MS Walk Website at

Thank You All

Laura Katz

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