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Markem all read - woids Marcene Daniels oldtimer OH my how you folks murdered the poor Queen's English.
If my former teachers at Curtis could only see what has happened here as the century is about to end! It would be detention for the whole gang.

I as Queen Mum of Hoftopia hereby declare it a holiday!
I am now off to the Mall. I must check out all the book stores and see if I can find a dictionary to help me understand this new language.

As for the above mentioned Gathering in Hangtown, the place
has never been the same. I look in the family room and still see J.R. and his lovely Mrs. and Margie and her hubby and Gina and my dearest childhood chum, Connie gathered about the fireplace with all those T-shirts and maps and stolen street signs etc. strewn about. I still have the enlarged pictures of Lee Shake and Carol and Dan Blaine and his lovely wife they sent to be included in the gathering.
If only Bob Sheridan could have joined us it would have been perfect.

I have met some of the most wonderful people here on this site and will forever be thankful.

so as we ring in the new year and century, let us all tip our hat to the Staten Island Web. I for one am in deep debt to it. It has made me younger at heart!

Oldtimer, Marcene Brown Daniels

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